Why Should A Person Live An Alcohol-Free Lifestyle?

Are you tired of that nasty addiction and you would want to bring your life back on track? Have you been thinking about taking a break from alcohol? Do you feel like booze has taken a toll of your life and you’ve realized that you are in a real mess? Do you want to live the life that was meant for you? If you are saying a solemn yes, then this article is for you.

Here, you are going to find some deep insights and reasons on why an alcohol-free life is the way to go 2019.

Alcohol-free life? Make It Your New Year’s Resolution?

If you have tried several attempts to quit alcohol with no success, may be you feel like you don’t have enough motivation to say good-bye to drinking. Or you are wondering how to go about it, this time round successfully. A lot of thoughts are crossing your mind and you try to imagine yourself without the life you’re used to for a couple of years now.

What about your friends whom you used to hang out with? Will you lose all your good friends? Will you miss your all-time hangout points? Will life be boring without alcohol? How will I get started and get used to living without alcohol? What about the withdraw symptoms? Will I be able to withstand? I used to ask myself all these questions. I understand what’s going through your mind, now.

Alcohol seems to be fun in the initial stages, but wait until when addiction strikes. It turns your life around. All you can think about is drinking. Alcohol becomes the top priority in your life and all you can think about is drinking. Imagine how it made you neglect your family. You no longer afford time for your kids or spouse. Late nights is the only time you’re around your people – kids asleep.

Try to reflect and look at what has happened in your life since when you started drinking. Maybe, alcohol made you neglect your career responsibilities and you lost your job or business – which was your sole source of income. It crippled your financial life and stability and put your life into a real mess.

How many times have you slept on the sofa with all your shoes, clothing and make-up on? You wake up in the morning and the hangovers catch up with you. You missed family time, you missed meals and you end up feeling week and empty.

I know you don’t want to continue being stuck in that miserable life of guilt and hangovers. You want to feel happy, energetic and healthy. And of course you’re longing for that feel-good lifestyle. Don’t you?

See What Happens With Alcohol-Free Life

Happiness becomes your portion

Have you realized that alcohol has taken a lot from you compared to its rewards? If you can imagine the many nights you spent cold nights away from home and went home empty and broke. What about those days you’ve slept on the coach and you never enjoyed the warmth of your bed and comfy pajamas. Has alcohol messed up with your relationships? When was the last time you spent happy moments with your spouse or kids? Alcohol carried away all your happiness. Quitting alcohol will make you realize the lost happiness.

Your Waist Line Will Thank You

Alcohol comes with its full share of health and personal challenges that impacts your lifestyle a big deal. Every time you take a bottle of alcohol, you pile in over 600 calories in your body. What about those moments when you take two, three or more bottles in one sitting? That’s too much for you! As a result, your waist line can tell it all. If you quit alcohol, you definitely start looking better and your waist line will thank you for your kindness.

You Will Become More Energetic

If you have been struggling with alcohol abuse or alcoholism, I know you’re feeling deprived of your energy. Alcohol makes you lose interest in food. In fact many times you prefer alcohol to food. In the long-run, you end up missing meals and your health is at risk. Feeling weakly has become the order of the day. If you want to regain your lost energy, say goodbye to drinking.

You live the life of your dreams

Years back before you started drinking, there’s that life you always dreamt about. You had big dreams and aspirations in life. When you started drinking, you lost focus and started living a miserable life. When alcohol gets out of your lifestyle, nothing else can stop you from living the life of your dreams. If you lost focus of your profession or career, now you can get started all over again and scale the heights to where you were meant to be. It is never too late to start all over again.

You Will Be At Peace With Yourself

During those sober moments when you are alone, I know you get time and think about your life. You realized that your life is in a real mess but maybe you feel like there is nothing you can do about it. At the end of it all, you end up blaming yourself for all your failures. You feel guilty and self-condemnation overwhelms you, to overcome this, you go for more alcohol and you carry out your life with anger and guilt. When you start an alcohol-free life, you reconstruct your life and the guilt and self-condemnation vanishes and you can afford to be at peace with yourself.

Your Spouse Will Love You More

I am sure that bedroom fights are worrying you. Too much drinking interferes with your sex drive and performance in bed and that shit has made you lose interest in sex. Did you know that alcohol-free life can make you enjoy sex more than ever? Try quitting alcohol today and your spouse will love you more. When sex life is healthy, many other areas of your marriage life will be realigned.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

During the days of active addiction to alcohol /drugs, you spent almost every penny on alcohol. When you quit alcohol, you can save more and being broke will never be your case.  There is this generosity with drinking comrades, when drinking, you can buy expensive alcohol to almost every person in the bar and when you’ve cleared all your bills and go home, you remember you had other financial commitments that you never fulfilled. I mean, you live a life of wants and you never have enough money. Without alcohol, you will be able to become more focused and committed to your saving plans and of course clear the bills and debts that has piled up and begin your journey to financial freedom. With this, you can be able to achieve your dream home, your dream car and all your dreams are going to become true.

Everyone, Including You Will Be Proud Of You

When addiction strikes, many people loses hope on you, including your family and close friends. Not many would want to be associated with you when your life takes a negative direction. In fact, some will even isolate themselves from you. Is this true? When you quit alcohol, your life comes back on track and everyone will be proud of you. When they see you do great in life, they will all want to ride on your success. Even you, you will be proud of yourself. You look back and see your achievements and you have yourself to thank.

You Say Goodbye To Hospital Visits

Alcoholism is a severe physical and mental disease that is associated with countless health complications. Drinking puts you at risk of high blood pressure, heart complications, and liver problems like cirrhosis, kidney problems, cancer and many more. Apart from medical intervention, quitting alcohol is paramount. If you are tired of frequent hospital admissions and emergency visits, quitting drinking can help you.

Your Dreams Of Sobriety Becomes Real

When I talk to many individuals who drink, most of them tell me that all they can think about is being sober. In fact, most of them confess to me that they wish that would be their last bottle of alcohol. Why? They’ve realized the mess they are in. one day, I was like them and I would anything to become sober – I’m happy I am. Even you, I’m sure you all you want is sobriety. Can you imagine yourself living in sobriety? I think that’s the best thing that happened to me. If you quit alcohol, you will enjoy the coolness and relaxation that comes along with sobriety. You will be able to have sound minds and you can make sound decisions in life.

You Get The Courage To Meet Life’s Stressors

Being in an active addiction makes you rely on alcohol to overcome stress. Alcohol interferes with your natural neurotransmitters and makes your brains to rely on alcohol to make decisions or overcome stress. That’s why you find yourself going for more alcohol when something is not adding up in life.

In fact, the fear that is evident in many alcoholics is how they will manage to handle life without alcohol. Why? Because they rely on alcohol to be able to forget some of their challenges for a moment and take a break then they can face the situation some other times. When you become sober, you don’t need alcohol to overcome life’s realities. Your brain will get fashioned to operating without alcohol and you can face any challenge and overcome all.

Life Becomes Easier

When I look back and see how my life used to be with regular drinking, I feel like life was difficult. Yes, I mean difficult. You see, I used to be overwhelmed daily by lots of issues. I drink today because I don’t want to face realities about bills, I get drunk the whole day and night, but when I wake up, nothing has changed. The bills are there waiting for me. Everything was piling up and life was getting hard on me until the day I said enough is enough talked to someone who helped me out of that horrible addiction. If you want to live an easy life, talk to an addictive specialist to help you overcome alcohol.

Need Help With Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol is a very addictive stimulant and no one gets into it with an idea of becoming an addict. Most of us started drinking for fun and of course to fit in our social classes. I don’t know what led you to drinking. It could be you started drinking with a misguided attempt hoping that life is going to be a little easy and full of fun. Or it could be you started drinking to overcome a major loss in life, like loss of a family member, job, business or so. Whatever led you into drinking, I’m sure that now you realize the opposite of what you expected. Right? But regardless of the severity of your addiction to drugs/alcohol, it is never too late to quit.

I want you to know that sobriety is not a one day event. It is a tough journey that can take months or years. But that should not worry you. I believe that sobriety begins with the little cool feeling you get spending extra hours without alcohol. If you used to drink every day, you feel on top of the world when you go for two days without drinking.

In my case, quitting alcohol was not easy. I had this bad addiction that would make me shake horribly and experience severe headaches whenever I could not drink when the cravings strike. Every time I tried quitting alcohol, the withdrawal syndrome would be so overwhelming and all I could do is to run for a bottle of alcohol to get a quick relief. And life continued like that until a friend talked to me and referred me to one of the best local rehabs. My life never remained the same again. Yours too can change. How? Call a professional addiction specialist near you who is willing to help you out of that addiction.

Is Alcohol-Free Life Outdated? Ask The Celebrities

I used to worry much about how my friends will think about me when I tell them I no longer drink. I though people will think that I am broke or I am an old-fashioned guy who do not want to style up and catch up with the trends of life. In fact, this made me feel so foolish. I was like, am I making the right decision? I thought life will be so boring. I felt the big loss whenever I thought about the many friends I will leave. Wait until I read an article and I found that celebrities were leading the way. Big names like Jennifer Hudson and Zoe Ball don’t drink. This was amazing. Reading further, I realized that the reason they don’t drink is because they just don’t like it or they simply chose not to drink. They find life easier without alcohol. Most of them associate their success and productivity with alcohol-free living. They say that being sober makes you focused and increases their chances of succeeding in their industry.

I thought about it for a while and I realized that these are people with big money, big names and big everything and they don’t feel awkward living without drinking. These are guys with millions of followers in social media and they don’t offended living without alcohol. With time I came to realize that alcohol-free living is becoming the order of the day for those people who are serious about life. I understood that things are changing and it is not as I thought.

I envied seeing my favorite celebrities gulping green juice instead of beer and how they enjoyed it. I learnt from them that when you live an alcohol-free life, you enjoy a cool life and live mindfully. This gives you an opportunity to eat healthy, exercise properly and get time to nurture your mental health. You live a toxic-free life and you become more vibrant. We can call it clean living.

If you are struggling with alcohol and you don’t know how to get started with alcohol-free living? It’s high time you realize how you’ve got necessary resources around you. Do thorough online research about how to quit alcohol and find amazing coaching services available. There’s also a lot of online resources and you can read as many as you can and read testimonials of those who started quitting alcohol before you and they made it. You’ll also learn how they got started and the rehab centers they got help.

Alcohol-Free Life: Journey To Empowerment

In my quest to stop drinking, there I was living an alcohol-free life. It’s now three years down the line and a lot of things has changed for me. I’m no longer triggered, I’m no longer thirsty. I live a happy life. I have put a 100% concentration on things that matter most to me. I feel better and happy about my life. I feel like I have made a million achievements. I no longer suffer low self-esteem. I mean life is good. Many people ask me questions about how I have made it this far. I am more empowered today and I have a strong feeling that if things continue this way, two years down the line, I will have gone to heights no one ever imagined of me. Life without beer is good.

I have achieved a lot of benefits living without alcohol. There are no more hangovers, I no longer waste time on night partying and I feel more energetic. When I was drinking, I never realized that alcohol is a depressant. I never knew it was the one putting me into a lot of depression and anxiety. Today I live a cool, stress-free life. I have known how to deal with my moods and I spend most of my time happy. I enjoy every bit of my life. When bad moments come, I am able to overcome them because I know that bad times last for a moment and good things are just along the way.

I have developed healthy coping techniques and I am no longer in frequent messes and troubles that I used to find myself in those days. As a way to fight stress, I have found pleasure in helpful things like meditation, yoga and exercise. I also take some nature walks when stressed and by the time I am back home, I am way much better. When the situation persist, I have learnt to consult a therapist and this way, life is better.

When You Quit Alcohol, You Enjoy Newness Of Everything In Life

If you are struggling with fear of losing friends once you stop drinking, that should not worry you much. This is going to be a wonderful moment for you to enjoy a new life. In fact you will find new friends and quit old friends who can only trigger you into drinking. You will be amazed to find what great things life has for you. Incredible hanging alcohol-free hanging points are there at your disposal and you will enjoy life to your fullest.

With better physical health, quality friends and extreme clarity about life, you will make it big time. Without alcohol, you have all the time for yourself and family. You get time to meditate about life and see where you need to make changes.

Will Your Life Be Better Off Without Alcohol?

The answer is a big YES! The idea about alcohol is become outdated. If you want to catch up with the current’s world trends, know that things are changing. I believe days are coming when alcohol will be left as a substance for people who are not serious about life. A time when people see someone staggering along the corridors and think about him as a backward minded man. By the look of the things, I am confident about this.

Need Help

If you have read this article and you feel motivated about quitting alcohol and you don’t know how to go about it, you can find help. If you have tried to stop drinking many times and still get back to the old habits of alcoholism, don’t worry. You are not alone. Millions of people are struggling with addiction and many are finding help to overcome alcohol. Don’t be left behind. Talk to an addiction specialist today and begin your journey towards your long awaited sobriety.